Laser cut complete!

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Finally! I have got my laser cut finished. I plan to try a technique of transferring ink onto wood. I will use a special type of glue that transfers it. I want to try different types of textures such as bark as I wasn’t able to get it laser cut on the laser cutter as it only does lines. I’m hoping this approach will work. I purposely got some extra plaques on a smaller scale cut so they could be used to test with.



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Been Going through my zeen adding some extra information to them and research. Tommorow I will be printing my work off and stitching it together. I will need to buy some thread and a needle. I have practiced with some i found lieing around but I need a better quality of thread.

I enjoyed putting all my work together and Its nice too look at it through then zeen as I can see how it came together in the end.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 21.38.49Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 21.38.43

These are four of my page spreads from the book I have created using Indesign. I like how i have a bit of colour in the work as i normally go with black and white as i prefer the dark on light colour.

squirrels and stairs

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Stairway to heaven guarded by the squirrels in the park. I Had to change my idea as certain laser cutters do certain cuts and i had to many lines in my original for the laser cutter to cut. I looked at other plaques thinking of ways to simplify my idea.

I lloked at how i could simplify and combine the squirrel and stairs together and after a few drawing i instantly came to find merging the tail and stairs together gives the same effect as the squirrel. It will be completely cut out of the ply wood.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 15.20.25

This is me adding areas using the scissor tool to cut out lines to place other lines in to create other shapes.


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 15.47.37


This is what it should look like after it is cut out using the laser cutter onto the 3mm plywood. I really like shape of the plaque as it changes from the centre outwards to match the stairs and the squirrels characteristics. I definetley want it cut onto wood as wood comes from trees and the squirrels come from the trees.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 16.23.23

TYpe Project Three

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I Created my Alphabetical type for a page inside my book. I created it using the sticks from trees that had been chewed and destroyed by the squirrels from bethnal green park. I started off by laying them out individually on a white background following a picture.



I then moved the images onto photoshop in which i removed the background and added extra areas of wood using the clone stamp tool. this is my outcome…

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.07.46

Alpabet Squirel Stick Type


Trial Idea for laser cutter

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Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.15.02 AM

Mock up Idea for my laser cut print for Tuesdays session. I have not yet found a group of 4 to put my work together with so i guess this gives me some more time to add some extra techniques to try on this for example small detail dots. I am not sure if cutting with a thicker line than 0.25 in width will create a different effect or not but it is one for me too look up. I will also research a few more techniques i can try out. more research into effects…

Visit to Roman Road Bethnal Green gardens

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Today I visited the Roman road when I found Bethnal Green park. I walked around the are taking photos of areas and things going on. I had seen the war memorial. Buildings not in use. The sports equipment on the other side of the park. But my main focus became on the nature. Lots of daffodils planted in the grass and trees. There was also a huge quantity of squirrels! When I was nearing down to get a rubbing of some type they would come up to me thinking I’m trying to feed them. At first I found this funny but then it got abit weird and noticed how much of a pest they are. Half the time I felt like they were going to jump at me. I thought this idea to do with the squirrels as there own gang and its there park really as my point of focus for my plaque. It was good to get the pictures and some type rubbings. I couldn’t find that many as most things are printed around there but I took pictures of the graffiti and other types to be edited to make an alphabet. Another point I was going to focus on is the flowers such as the daffodils because they are very welcoming and also in there hundreds.

Riso Print Tutorial

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Friday involved a workshop on how to use the riso printer. The riso printer prints only one colour at a time. Black, green, red and blue. Sarah showed us how to change the inks and setup the machine for use. As this was going I took notes. I really like the pattern you get from the printer on the paper as it adds texture but also you can experiment with different paper to get different effects.

British museum visit

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 Today we visited the British museum where we were looking at a range of information carved into stone and other methods of documenting a story. We also looked at a range of other methods of telling a story through images and items that where there when it happened as they tell part of the story… For example the ash tray where a group of friends where celebrating a birthday. Looked at texture and how it was presented such as stone and wood. I don’t feel I could capture the texture with my drawings but I took pictures so I can use them if I need to.

The Roman Road London Museum

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I took a visit to the British museum, which we were tasked to do. To find out information on the roman road and its area. They had a very large Roman exhibition in the London museum full of the trading roots to weapons, I asked a few of the questions on how to find it and they were not to sure. There where a few hidden pieces I found.

London became the main capital instead of Colchester and many roads intersected into what used to be called Londinium. Some of the main roads in London are still in use today. Because the Roads where so busy people started building around them and at there intersections. New Roads where being built so trading became a lot easier. This is proven because different pottery was discovered in London areas showing different trade routes.