Packaging and Setting up exhibition

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Today I arrived early to print out some extra thins quickly as I needed the printer to print off the designs for the packaging/pot which stores the product. It was very simple as I was disappointed as I forgot my covering film for the stickers but it still worked well. The top part was hard to apply on the lid as the ink kept rubbing off because the film wasn’t able to protect it so next time I will apply the protection. This is how it looked:

I planned out the 7 places of each persons work and started setting mine up in one of the spaces. We all set it up so our work is in the same order of 3 a3 sheets with development and final outcomes then on the table I left both my sketchbooks out on open pages for an insight into them. Then infrint of that was my packaging, promotional work, 3D work I had created for a display. The only thing was the white sheets to come in but they had not arrived as I was in early so I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s on a white table instead of the grey one. Here is some pictures of how I laid it out.


Cutting and makeing

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Today I carried on makeing some more stickers as I needed to finish them off by using the same method with the film and cutting it out.

I then went onto looking at my packaging. I started drawing ideas for other kinds apart from the pot idea I had come up with.

I stared with this idea of a small bag that can also act as a cover.

I was creating a string bag that could be made using a thick paper so it was cheap to make and can be recycled etc. This idea when the product packaging is inside it will shut tight due to were the folds are.

I still need to work on this idea abit more as my idea for it is very plain, I would also need to look at what I create it out of and more.

Exhibition plan

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So on Friday we were in and I started off by printing my work. 

For my promotional cards I printed onto a paper with a high gsm which caused problems as the printer wasn’t able to handle it. I managed to get some lower gsm and still had problems but I was just able to print!

I then printed my stickers which I created using sticky labels which were on an a4sheet. I then printed onto the labels in hich I’d then apply self adhesive covering to create the final finish which can give it durability , protection and a proper finish. I then cut it out and it was complete. 

They stick very well and the cover over the stickers is strong and keeping the ink and labels all together.

After this I went to the studio room were our display will be and we planned it out together the best way to display our work in the space provided and the two tables we had between seven of us. We are all going in tommorow to print a little more and set up our display.

Review of my Pecha Kucha Tuesday 6 December 2016

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On Tuesday at 10am was my pecha kucha in which i would display work and examples of my work to emily and sara in a space of around 5 minutes, each slide would be on a timer for 20 seconds long.

My blog posts consisted of blog posts, research development, experiments, outcomes and anything else like trips ect. I then had written a 20 second long piece of information for each slide so I could explain myslef as clearly as possible and to get as much information into it as possible.

I did quite enjoy speaking about what ive been doing and found it alot easier than normal, i think the practice is working but theres allways room for improvement. I also believe the early start helped as i really wanted to get it out the way as im quite a n early person. Overall I think i did fairly well apart from sara said i need to have a good reason why i didn’t like on of my ideas but that can easily be sorted.

Packaging and poster ideas

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I have been working more on my packaging and have a graphic version of this. I decided to also put a night sirum packaging and how how the packaging could adapt onto other products he makes. screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-20-32-07

I then started working on poster ideas and how it will describe the products. i tried a few ideas out but then decided to work on a series in a similar style that best describes whats being sold and what ive been told.


This poster idea comes from the idea that the product is so natural you can drink it.


This poster suggest how natural the product is also. The plant is the coffee plant were the recycled coffee grounds began there journey.


This one is aimed at the senses and how thomas works on makeing is scrubs smell the way they do. I created a nose in the similar style as the rest to describe smells as thats the function of the nose. I really want to think of some more i could make to create a longer series.


Packaging ideas

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whilst at university I have also been working on more packaging ideas and creating lots of ideas in my sketchbook. I have looked at textures and insipration using pinterest then sketched lots of idea and anything that comes to mind. I then took to the computer to try and work some ideas and just come up with more ideas.

I chose for my packaging to bas it on the pot it comes in at the moment as he currently sells he product in them and there easy for him to get hold of.  I thought about the top the bottom and the sides. I created a little template i could keep adding different designs designs to.



“Hale” logo design

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I was looking at a way to design my logo and I started going abit too over the top and make things to complicated. So i went back to basics. I got some paper out and started drawing the name of the brand in marker pen. I wanted to keep it simple and emily suggested using the word “Hale” as the name. I thought this aswell. It can then stand for Hale which means “strong and healthy but also the word hail means worship so its a play on both.

I like the idea of kind of script style for this brand as he wanted it clean and that what i found i got from that style. I tried lots of different ideas and finally came across one i really liked and hiopefully it will do the same. It is bold and i feel like its got some sort of power about it. I also enjoy the direction and how easily read and the way it flows from left to right.


I then placed it into illustrator and live traced my piece of work. I then moved onto adjusting the type using the anchor points getting rid of things as sharp edegs and curves were they were not needed.

“Hale”   … “Hale the bods” This is what i feel will be my final design.




Planning and more ideas

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Today We were able to talk to Ricardo out any problems and he gave helpful advice. I then planned out how my presentation would be made up using guidelines sent to us. I planned out what would be on the pages and what i would then have to say, i think it will be added to and changed as i go.
Here are some of the ideas I’ve been thinking up and getting down on paper:

I also have been coming up with pages and pages of ideas of design for “hale the bods” In the brief he ask for and A and a B if wanted to see what works better. I have gone along the creative root as my values involve this style. Also he has chosen pieces of work that he really inspires him and wants his brands to possibly have. one of these was “beavertown brewery” which is very colourful and illustrative.


I will also be creating my logo design without illustrative techniques as i have lots of ideas for them also. I believe if i do this i can see what suites the product best and i also the personality is important as the brand will be sold in shops like cafes and selfridges style so creativeness is important.



The idea behind this is the symbol of worship combined with a body with is split male and female combined suggesting its a unisex brand. The body is also covered with the cosmetics product upon the worship.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-20-20-07screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-20-20-48

This is my idea for a pages spread/website, I believe it could contain a lot more information and products but simplicity could work and helps the type speak for itself, as its very soft and welcoming.

I created my own window for a stock photo i took from google of coca beans and placed it inside my frame to show how perhaps products could be shown



I do not think this works as it can seem a bit blocky and the brand is selling cosmetics which is a liquid substance. I like the direction though this give and the outline of the letters as they overlap.


After today I also had a lesson on CV’S the do’s ad the donts and it was really interesting. Sara showed us a collection she has created on her pinterest and the ideas are great! Im really feeling more confident as i wasn’t sure what was too much and what wasn’t. I have the basic outline of type for my cv and now i just have to put it together but in a way that represents me and to get me my placement.

Hale the Bods Logo designs Ideas

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I have been working on ideas for my logo design for my cosmetic brand i chose to call “Hale the Bods. With my drawings and ideas i took it onto illustrator to try and design the logo as i wanted to use a kind of script style font. I used my Graphic Pallet and tried lots of time over and over again in different ways to try and get the style i wanted. I eventually kept drawing letters over and over again and like them then realise i am not so i have been constantly going backwards and forwardsscreen-shot-2016-11-15-at-20-00-49screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-18-40-39This letter H i drew i really like as its free flowing and very natural.screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-18-40-26I then created some lines I would be able to line up my letters so they would me fairly near enough exactly the same size. A guide.


The letters “H”, “a” and “l” to eventually make up the word hale. I really like these letters and used them to base my other letters on that were tall like a d and the a also for the base of the d.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-19-24-00Some of the letter i found really hard to shape how i wanted them and i spent ages adding anchors and removing them in the right places . I found this very frustrating but i settled with it to come back later as i knew id want to change it again anyways.screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-19-25-07



I eventually ended up with this sorry about the selection in the way. I then took it apart and tried building it up in different ways. originally i wanted it just in one word but then i changed my mind as it was too long and if i was gunna keep it like that it would have to be more free flowing to lead you across the word.



few adjustments and ideas thinking about how the words like up and even adjusting letter. i also added a colour . I didn’t think the “the” wasn’t that important as the other words but still important so i tried it smaller and also separate it. Not as bold or in its own section.


This is what I’m leaving it as for tonight I have tried reshaping the”B” which flows naturally and looks empowering which are my values. At the moment I’m very fond of my bottom right design and its bold and I like the way the type is split up by colour instead of space. I also like the direction the “the” is in at an angle to give it bit of character. Who know i will do more and probe hate these…time will tell.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-21-35-42 screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-21-35-42


Design and visualization (workshop) Case study for lesson.

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In This write up I have found and deconstructed and came up with a response of a case study of my choice. I Have looked at the case study for a brand called “Dig ¬†Deluve” which is a online magazine for gardening. I believe the case study they have presented is very visible and easy upon the eye. It gives a sense of calmness and easily viewed.



  • They only use a small area of type and let the screen shots do the talking. The typ is very small so it doesnt overpower what you are viewing on the case study.
  • They have created a sans serif typeface as I think they were trying to go for that soft harmless feel which is why they have gone for the very thin lines on the typeface. I think it works well and really comes across friendly.
  • The typeface they created really stood out and i got the link between the name and the type as you dig with a shovel yet the typeface is in the shape and style of a shovel head! It really works well as it has no fill just and outline which i believe its so you can see the photography through the type without it disturbing the visuals.


  • The only image is photography based. I can understand this and if this is what they came up with then i think its very good as i think it works well due to the fact that image can be man made but the idea of only using photography suggest everything they are capturing is natural. If you created your own image then it would technically be man made. So the idea of the “not man made idea” really fits in with the gardening theme of the online magazine.


  • The layout they have gone for is very square and centred. A bit like a window perhaps. Looking out over your flowers and trees ect. But they have displayed this on the case study as if you were looking at in on a tablet both portrait view and landscape so you can see how it interacts with both ways.
  • They have also made the tablet very dark with no texture or features to really focus in on the project but so you can just make the tablet and technical sides out.
  • They have layed it the pages out like a magazine but each page in a 2 across and 2 under keep going down sequence.


  • The only visible texture they use is within the photographs using a range of stone to place samples upon. the idea of stone and stems/flowers together is in a way a big difference like black and white as stone is strong and plants and flowers are very weak when pressed. This could go onto showing harmony but also natural feeling of stone as you would not want to see your flowers damaged on a kitchen floor if you get my drift.



  • Very minimal colour. Once again they have used very plain colours on the website but they also have done it on there case study so it really focus’s in on the colour which is the photography.


  • They do not use as such photography in the case study but they use screen shots from the actual magazine online with photography in them. The images are quite big so there for you are able to focus in on the photography or zoom if needed. I do not think they use too much as they have provided the link very clearly for the website so you can see it in full gardening force.