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Really interesting hot house as I really like the ideas he had used. He used a lot of symbols and objects that had already been made and made them his own using the DVD symbol to sing and even a tape cassette to show when or a mouth.

He worked on illustration and many other work and whatever job he’s offered he will take as he will always find a way to do it. And I suppose if they don’t like it then it’s there loss.

He then has been doing music videos.



Hot House Talks


Paul founded triple double which is a multi-disciplinary design studio. They are deliberately small as it is just small but he calibrates with other designers to get the project done.
How to process your personality into your projects.
Immersion- must know what your doing. Learn how to do as much as you can.
Edit- eliminating the distracting words, images.
Your Process Is Infinite
Develop it . Test it . Prove it