FMP Proforma

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The FMP Proforma is a summary and a way of creating the project i will be approaching for this project. By creating this it will help me to stay on track with the whole project to help me gain an accurate outcome.

Title : Aquaponic Mural

Introductory paragraph : My FMP is based on creating a mural for a local area on the aquaponic process. This mural will be there to show creativity in a run down area of London to help liven the area and to brighten it up. not only this the mural will help to educate people in a new and sustainable way through growing your own produce in an urban/city environment. This mural will be installed onto the are of chosen through a prototype.

Project Background : This Project links to my practice as I will be creating an illustrative piece to show my skills and applying it to a prototype.

Relevance to studio : This project links to my studio as it is an extension to my Cafe of the future project which focus’s on the Parent plant cafe which wants to help promote urban farming. The aquaponic process is a way of growing fresh fish and food with its own life cycle which you can farm in your homes or on a large scale.

Relevance to Dissertation : The FMP can link with my dissertation as a critical piece of design as it will challenge the way you think and be approached.

Technical Resources : Resources I may need access to is the wood work room, internet, travel, materials from modelling shops, illustrative tools, laptops, adobe suite software.

Outcomes : What do I expect to produce at the end of my FMP. I intend to create a illustrative Mural that can be integrated into a 3D prototype to show how the installation will look if it was applied to the chosen area it is placed in the city of London.


Fmp model edit

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I have been working on my FMP and creating a prototype to show how it will be installed onto the building site fence.

I have Cut, glued and lasered the parts for this. I was unfortuante enough to not be able to go to the library to print today due its closure…greatt. So till i can print in the morning i have created an edited version of the print on the fence of the prototype.

This is the chosen area in which the mural will be placed as I have talked about in other posts.

This is what the final prototype for the installation will look like. The image file I have placed onto it which is the mural looks brighter and higher quality so it does not really look like it sits right but when i am able to print and paste the mural to the actual model Im hoping for not as much contrast.

Preparation for the first Summer show

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In our Inventivety class we were separated into two groups due to the volume of students in our class.

Within our groups we had to come up with three ideas to present to one of the tutors within our class to get ideas and feedback off of it. To create three ideas we split our group into three in which two people were in a group within the group. We then combined the ideas towards the end and explained ourselves to each other.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 17.28.38.png

This work was then placed into a powerpoint presentation in which we loaded it up onto the a large screen for the class to see. We took it in turns to explain our ideas such as colour, layout, props ect.

I thought this was more to just get our ideas flowing for the summer show but i did not quite understand my feedback but i suppose this was just the warm up for the main presentation.


Summer show Final presentation to tutors

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So the ideas we created in groups, we had to narrow it down to one idea in each group or combine it from others to present to five of the tutors. For this we were ment to go up as a group but my group were all away due to other things so it was down to me to present and create the idea.

I stuck with my idea because i knew it best over them all and i really like the idea of minimalist dusk as the colours were very settle and the work would have stayed out well on the idea. Unfortuanlty my idea wasnt though in as much depth and another group was chosen.

I found i was stuttering on my words abit but people found it funny. I was annoyed abit that my idea didnt get chosen but its because i didnt explain it well enough and show them exactly how it was but owell. The final winner got chosen and they chose people from each group to help which happened to be me as i was the only one there. Overall it was good to see each others ideas…

Uniform Illustration

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So I took my research and the ideas I had seen and took it to my sketchbook.

I started off by drawing out the basic shape for the human form which was a stick man which ive learnt in previous lessons of life drawing.

I then worked on the shape of the clothing thinking of ideas of how it will fit and how a design could fit onto it. I also thought about the colours but not too in depth at the moment as i wanted to mainly see how everything would fit together. The colours are important for the brand though and these will help create the brands identity.



I think the reason I wanted to think about the unifrom is just because customer service is one of the main parts for the succesful hotel and this is the first thing you will notice and pay attention to when looking for that customer service help.

Identity Crown Plaza shoes

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I have taken from the uniform to focus on one area of the crown plaza uniform. I have been focusing on the shoes. I think shoes are important and to me they say a lot about you. The Crowne plaza shoes are based around a younger style of shoe that young people were when dressing smart which is the loafer.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 16.50.55.png

The loafer is a prime example which can be worn for smart but also casual and it can really help connect with young people as the uniform becomes more modern. The loafers can be customize and easily worn in different ways with sock or without depending on how the rest of the uniform is shown.


Staff Uniform Research

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I have been looking into area to do with the re-branding of the Crown Plaza resort and hotels. One of these areas I was interested in looking at was the Uniform. The uniform for the staff is a big part as not only the staff represent the company on how they act but they also represent the brand on how they present themselves with the uniform.

Unifrom Defined : The distinctive clothing worn by members of the same Organization

I have been analysing the uniforms people have created with more of a creative approach. I have used resources such as Pinterest to find these as its full of creative ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 14.16.53


These uniforms come across very smart with waistcoats and tie for both female and male creating a unisex uniform. The colours are white shirt with a grey and black which combine well together due to the darkness and contrast of the colours. i like this idea for the Crowne plaza as its aimed at up and up and coming business people and by creating a smart environment will add to what they are trying to do.






Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 14.17.04 This Piece looks at the idea of how I can create my unifrom using illustration. By applying my drawing skills and creating a figurine I can use this to apply clothes to the 2D mannequins to see the outcome and come up with some designs.

Out of the ordinary

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For my FMP i have been illustrating the components of the aquaponic process and some of these were the fish. The fish act as a character in my view. I looked at the standard fish and though they seem pretty boring. Everyone knows what a fish looks like at the end  of the day and i decided to use my twist to come up with something a bit different.

I changed the shape and how the bodies of the fish function. My ideas remind me of the deformed from the hills have eyes for example. Imagine if the fish were hit by a nuclear bomb and the after effects made them change…weirddd examples

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 13.42.27Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 13.46.46Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 13.46.57




CV Exploration Further

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A few months later after the task of creating a CV I had a good look at it and was not impressed with it. I had spoken to a few people who have seen a lot of CV’s and I was told mine was not of a good standard and a bit of a mess. I took this on board and worked on recreating it looking at certain areas such as:

  • Layout
  • Type
  • What I had written for example my About me and my skills ect.
  • Sizes
  • And more to draw people in.

I looked at simplifying it and creating order for example with my skills I named them all and then put them into alphabetical order so then it not only shows the skills but it also shows organisation through the arrangment.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 13.26.33

I wrote up my CV in which I then copied it into Indesign for arrangment so I knew I had no spelling mistakes as Im all ways tripping over them and my punctuation.

New Updated CV pdf file : Jonathan D Collingwood CV


Summer Show Catalouge Image Submission

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The Summer show is coming close in which we show our work for a wide range of professionals and the public to come and see.

To help show off who we are and what work students are creating a catalogue to show the process  through out our projects with final pieces included.

I chose a range f images which I would like to be seen which can show off my work so far. This does not include my Final major project due to it being created early but it summarises the previous projects which can help to show my potential.

These are the pieces of work I had chosen for my part of the catalogue

on your marks Hale the Bods Logo DevelomentOn your marks Hale Logo DesignOn your marks Jonathan Collingwood PresentationCafe of the future Parent Plant Logo Design Jonathan CollingwoodCafe of the future Parent Plant Development and mix mediaCafe of the future Parent Plant Bag with logo