Self Promotion

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logo page finished A3

I have spent some time laying out the parts for my self promotion for CIP. I have inserted in it My logo, letterhead, business card, instagram/blog and my colour swatch. I have wrote a paragraph for each of the self promotions and layed it out so it can all be viewed at once. I will be printing it out at a large scale so it can be viewed easily when i hand in.

I enjoyed creating these and i would like to work abit more to creating a logo more suited. I do like the style of black and white and it resembles me to how i want to be resembled.


Duke of Uke Process first idea.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.05.52 AM

This is Symbolising Part of the process Of making my emblem to be centred in my gif. I came up with the circle with the centre logo as it symbolises the centre of the ukelele. I tried many different colours and styles such as different dot work but i found that something more simple and the colour black symbolised the shop and its previous logos as they are celebrating there 10th anniversary. so what makes them them.