FMP Proforma

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The FMP Proforma is a summary and a way of creating the project i will be approaching for this project. By creating this it will help me to stay on track with the whole project to help me gain an accurate outcome.

Title : Aquaponic Mural

Introductory paragraph : My FMP is based on creating a mural for a local area on the aquaponic process. This mural will be there to show creativity in a run down area of London to help liven the area and to brighten it up. not only this the mural will help to educate people in a new and sustainable way through growing your own produce in an urban/city environment. This mural will be installed onto the are of chosen through a prototype.

Project Background : This Project links to my practice as I will be creating an illustrative piece to show my skills and applying it to a prototype.

Relevance to studio : This project links to my studio as it is an extension to my Cafe of the future project which focus’s on the Parent plant cafe which wants to help promote urban farming. The aquaponic process is a way of growing fresh fish and food with its own life cycle which you can farm in your homes or on a large scale.

Relevance to Dissertation : The FMP can link with my dissertation as a critical piece of design as it will challenge the way you think and be approached.

Technical Resources : Resources I may need access to is the wood work room, internet, travel, materials from modelling shops, illustrative tools, laptops, adobe suite software.

Outcomes : What do I expect to produce at the end of my FMP. I intend to create a illustrative Mural that can be integrated into a 3D prototype to show how the installation will look if it was applied to the chosen area it is placed in the city of London.


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