Preparation for the first Summer show

Design Competition 2016 - 2017, Home, Uncategorized

In our Inventivety class we were separated into two groups due to the volume of students in our class.

Within our groups we had to come up with three ideas to present to one of the tutors within our class to get ideas and feedback off of it. To create three ideas we split our group into three in which two people were in a group within the group. We then combined the ideas towards the end and explained ourselves to each other.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 17.28.38.png

This work was then placed into a powerpoint presentation in which we loaded it up onto the a large screen for the class to see. We took it in turns to explain our ideas such as colour, layout, props ect.

I thought this was more to just get our ideas flowing for the summer show but i did not quite understand my feedback but i suppose this was just the warm up for the main presentation.



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