Summer show Final presentation to tutors

Design Competition 2016 - 2017, Home, Uncategorized

So the ideas we created in groups, we had to narrow it down to one idea in each group or combine it from others to present to five of the tutors. For this we were ment to go up as a group but my group were all away due to other things so it was down to me to present and create the idea.

I stuck with my idea because i knew it best over them all and i really like the idea of minimalist dusk as the colours were very settle and the work would have stayed out well on the idea. Unfortuanlty my idea wasnt though in as much depth and another group was chosen.

I found i was stuttering on my words abit but people found it funny. I was annoyed abit that my idea didnt get chosen but its because i didnt explain it well enough and show them exactly how it was but owell. The final winner got chosen and they chose people from each group to help which happened to be me as i was the only one there. Overall it was good to see each others ideas…


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