CV Exploration Further

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A few months later after the task of creating a CV I had a good look at it and was not impressed with it. I had spoken to a few people who have seen a lot of CV’s and I was told mine was not of a good standard and a bit of a mess. I took this on board and worked on recreating it looking at certain areas such as:

  • Layout
  • Type
  • What I had written for example my About me and my skills ect.
  • Sizes
  • And more to draw people in.

I looked at simplifying it and creating order for example with my skills I named them all and then put them into alphabetical order so then it not only shows the skills but it also shows organisation through the arrangment.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 13.26.33

I wrote up my CV in which I then copied it into Indesign for arrangment so I knew I had no spelling mistakes as Im all ways tripping over them and my punctuation.

New Updated CV pdf file : Jonathan D Collingwood CV



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