Moodboard FMP Aquaponic

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This Mood board is to show the ideas I want to express through my mural. The message and the feeling to be produced from the piece.

FMP Aquaponic moodboard.jpg

  • The areas of focus are.
  • Colour – The colour is important to draw people into the piece of art and to bring some colour and vibrancy to the area which is old stone bricks.
  • Interaction – The mural can be seen via people walking along the path and even people who are stuck in traffic/ driving past due to the traffic lights. It must attract there attention. It will be on a large scale so standing from a bit of a distance will make it easily visible. Perhaps smaller parts can be added into the mural for people who are up close to it.
  • Out of the ordinary – To create a piece that will challenge how you look and think. Something you have never seen before.
  • Growth –  Part of the cycle is to show the growth through the mural and how it is a sustainable way to farm in your homes and the city if you have the space.
  • Eye catching –  This is Aimed at the interaction aspect and to get people to really focus in on the idea and follow it through as if its a story. I  need to create some kind of direction to help the understanding.
  • Educational – not only is this piece to be a piece of design but it is to have a purpose. A purpose to present the idea and to generate the inspiration and ideas within the mind so people start thinking sustainable.
  • Powerful – To make it powerful I need to apply all these aspects using colour with a message combined with a good idea.

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