Choosing The right Bonding Product

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This Blog posts looks at the process When i was creating the fence which is directly in front of the mural to separate the walkway and the road from each other.

I Started off by ordering some gorilla glue which is used to bond wood together. Unfortunately the bond was not as instant as I wanted it to be so this was pretty useless glueing sticks the size of match sticks together. This was partly because I couldn’t apply many at once as I wasn’t able to move the wood meaning it would be a long process. I needed something better.

I then looked for something with a better instant bonding in which I used the super glue. The tip ment it was easy to apply due to the narrow spout and the bond was so instant it mooent my time building the fences was a lot quicker. i found my hands were covered in superglue and made them hard to hold and move stuff after as it wasnt easily washed off

Applying the sticks together was a challenge as they didnt stick that well together half the time so sometimes I had to keep trying again.

I used scissors to shorten some of the sticks to the size I wanted. It was fairly easy to cut through them with this tool as they were quite thin and weak anyways.

These are the finished product to resemble the railings in front of the mural. Im fairly happy with how they look. All i want now is some small scale people to represent and show the interaction the mural will have with the public.


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