Aquaponic Mural

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Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.56.38.png

This resembles the Aquaponic process.

  • The background is created with a pattern i designed which resembles the water flow.
  • The large fish shows the fish in its element of the tank which feeds.
  • The organs show the feeding and digestion which creates the product the plants feed off of.
  • The body of the fish shows the idea of the tank the fish are stored and grown in.
  • The organs lead into the growth bed which is also resembled by the fish’s body. this are is what the plants feed on which shows them sprouting in there sections.
  • This is a cycle in which it will carry on over and over again.
  • Combined with some type which is created in the style of liquidity to resemble the constant flow of water which moves the water around the cycle.

I am happy with my outcome so far but i am still not feeling it. It needs more detail within the middle which i am going to apply. Maybe perhaps some sort of texture for the fish’s body to show layers around.

Fmp Mural for blog post



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