Idea generation Amazon Design Competition Brief Puppets

Design Competition 2016 - 2017, Home, Uncategorized

One Idea I had for this project was to create a character using puppetry. Puppets can be created in lots of different forms such as stick puppets, hand puppets, string puppets and a lot more.

The idea behind the puppet was to have a character created from the produce which they sold. The fresh puppet which could be given his own identity and could resemble a customer r maybe the person who watched over the produce to make sure its in tip top condition.

Another part of using puppetry was creating the movement. Giving it arms and legs and could even give it moving features to create it more realistic. This can be combined with the film which you can place the puppet in environment such as a park or even a busy area.

I decided against choosing the puppet as it was difficult for me to control due to the weight of the fresh food pulling downwards. The shapes were also different and durability and date they went off was little/short. My interest also was lost in this idea and I decided to end it there and it actually helped me to move onto my next idea.


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