FMP/Project 3, Home

Today I visited the laser cutter to get some work engraved and cut into laser plywood. It was around 3mm thick from the 4d model shop

I had a problem when cutting it as the wood wasn’t straight and was bending abit so I had to weigh it down with some led weights to remove the bend.

Created my piece of work to go into CAD in illustrator in and RGB file so that the laser cut new what lines needed to be cut in that certain way.

The less lines you have and can combine the quicker it can cut.

This was my final cut outs and they will sit behind each other to make a 2d but 3dimentional example of how the mural will be installed in the environment.

It still needs a lot of work and plan on adding texture to this using some transfer methods from print to wood I’ve seen.

I also plan on adding small details to show how people interact with it and even the surrounding fences ect 


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