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I have still been drawing my designs and have been focusing on the design but focusing on the background which the designs will fit on. I have been looking at shapes and colours that can cmobine together abit like a piuzzle and even image under image but this may clash. I have thought about the colours aand how they will also clash but i like the effect from placing my images up on the background like stickers so they have that white edge which seperates them and the style of it.

I looked into background and as mine is to do with aquaponics which is water and more i went with that theme. I then looked at the style of japenese waves that are drawn and painted which i found really interesting due to the shape of the different shades of water in it. I took this and made my own and placed them around my nbackground in a certain way. I have added some type above just to see how they can sit together just for an idea when adding image to it.

This will be a lot longer in diameter due to the place it will be put.


Background with type aquaponics.jpg


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