Mural location


The idea behind the mural is based around the aquaponic process but also to inform people about urban farming and how it can be done in such a built up area.

Large space is important as the process can be created big and appealing so it stands out. I’ve been looking at work areas where building is going on in built up areas in London which have fences put up which are blank and need filling. 

This is one down the road from me which is long and very plain. It is also in an area in which can be seen by lots of people pass as it’s along the walk way and road which is very busy.

This is the first visit and I look to find other spaces deeper into London which could be more perfect for a mural to go as I think the location is key but educating and creative design in the woodgreen area could be good as the area is putting a lot of money into trying to improve and make the area more visually appealing.


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