Membership Badges

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So I have been looking at coming up with some interactive touch points for the hotel. The idea I had was coming up with was to do with a membership but a membership that becomes part of a club for specific professionals of certain importance. You would receive one of these badges if you are one of these so you are recognised.

Being Part of something and receiving something that can symbolise being important can help establish someones identity as it then shows they are also important. This could help get the young professionals to start visiting the Crown Plaza Hotel & Resorts as they want to become a part of this group/club that only so many people are a part from. These badges can also symbolise that they are professionals looking to network with other people of greater profession or the same so they can improve and be noticed. The badges reflect the importance thought the colours they project compared to the original logo.

I went with the gold and silver memberships as these are easily recognised and ranked when it comes to positions. I could make more like platinum for top members or different shaped badges.

I enjoyed trying to get the colours right using shades from different images to create swatches in which i can mix and match to create a realistic colour.

I also tried to create my logo 3d but due to all the overlapping paths the image didn’t come out how i wanted it too. I need to find a tutorial so i can redefine the shape so when i use an effect it will look how i want it to.

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