Logo Design

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This is my Final logo design but it could change over time.

This logo resembles a range of different areas for Crown Plaza such as who they communicate with.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 14.45.16

The black circle resembles the world suggesting this is a large international brand and we can help you over the whole world.

The other circles within the world circle help resemble the shape of the never ending circle but it also represents the different culture through colour and overlapping with express the idea of networking at a young professional.

The vibrance of the colours also creates fun and direction which can say we are a nice top place to stay but we will guide you on your way to be coming the professional.

The crown on the top slightly slanted expresses attitude due to it being on its side and not how its meant to be central. The crown also is an expression of the “Crowne” in the brands name so it can easily be recognised if the type is not there.

The crown can also suggest the best. The crown is worn by someone very important so if you come here your coming to the best.

I will look into overlapping them more like a weave to show the connection between us and the world through networking.


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