Brand Values

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I have been researching the brand and figuring out its history and how big the company. I found the brand has been around for a long time changing owners and has 400 or more hotels around the world. I took this idea into thinking with the brand and due to them wanting to invite young professionals from all cultures.

The brand values I eventually ended up with are:

Loyal – We strongly believe in supporting and always being there for you day and night.

Service – We will always aim to supply you 100% with anything in a professional and friendly manner.

Evolving – We aim to grow and develop our services and hotels to cater to the needs of every type of client as we want to help as much as we and to keep up with the evolving professionals.

Welcoming –  Whatever culture, race, religion, profession, gender, it will always be a pleasure to welcome you into our hotels.

Safe – A place you can feel at home and be yourself. Nothing to worry about – shielded and protected.

Relationship – We are not just a hotel but we are a friend that will always be there for you day and night.

Unique – We aim to provide and experience you will not gain anywhere else. From staff to hotel, start to finish.

Provide – We aim to provide all the values and more. We will all ways say yes.

Personal – We take an interest in a young professionals and everyone is special so we make sure we provide the night service for your individual needs.




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