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Crowne plazaToday I have started on the Crowne Plaza brief due to not having a placement. I chose this brief as I like the idea of taking the original identity Crown Plaza has and redesigning to represent what they are now looking for. The brand is looking to lose the stereotype image of the kettles and trouser presse’s and the typical hotel image and spice it up a bit. But the target market is a big part and its aimed at a range of young professionals wether it be there first job or second job. This will not only be welcoming and create the atmosphere they need to be in to excel. I will conduct research to help me figure out how I will go about this.

: Consider all expressions of the brand identity, from logo, colour, typography, tone of voice, to how it will come to life at different customer touchpoints, from booking to staff interactions and the on-property experience. Will your solution bring in new hotel products and features? Staff training and service gestures? Innovative partnerships, new ways of booking, or a refreshed design across the guest experience? The only sacred cow is the Crowne Plaza name: that can’t change




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