Task one

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To start this off today I visited to Retail spaces. The reason I chose two do only two of these today is because they are conveniently close and it takes a while travelling to each. I also explored the areas in between as I have not had a good look around for a while.

The first place I visited was the London Lego Store in Leicester square.

On first appearence you cant miss it and your welcomed in. Its a very yellow place as.

The whole place is shaped using the only one material you expect the to use is lego and shapes which look like lego. You really feel like your in a smaller lego land. They had lots of props which I had a few cheeky pictures with such as the tube, shakespeare, dragons, London Landmarks and more.

One of the main props was a machine which is similar to a Passport photo box in which you go in and it turns you into a your own lego image you can create at home. People were queing up to do this and really get you involved with the lego.

Apart from this there is lots of lego you can play with and try out! It really is like a kid in a candy store and is shown through the pick and mix section which is full of parts instead of sweets you fill your cup up with. SWEEET. Even when the pick and mix area is to pick and mix they even put the theme of the bricks into  that so the are looks like the top of the bricks.

I found it really cool how they have used the brick and worked it into the retail space so well from top to bottom.

The second place i visited on Oxford street/ Regent street was The nike store.

As soon as I enter i noticed how big the shop is but not only was it big there was not a lot there. I found there was a large amount of space?maybe too much? But on entry you have big screen full of artistic information which constantly changed bring up new products and ideas to really inspire.

This display in this retail space was based around the new Nike Air Trainers. They had a main centerpieces which is made of bubbles to symbolise the sole of the shoe. The bubbles represent the air and they floated around together in the same shape. I like the idea but I wasn’t very interested in this and my mind wondered. Overall it defo represents the shoe well but I rekon it could be something better just as its nikewho are very creative and this was just not too there standard due to the way it hung and moved. Very slowly. Isnt this running shoe ment to make you move fast?

I carried on looking around at such bits such as lights which i found stood out really well. they were extremely bright and well shaped which stood out bold and in your face with I loved. The shoes were in front and i found this did distract from either.


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