Using different types of media

Cafe 2016-2017 project, Home

In our lesson on Tuesday we had to use different types of materials to create something with meaning. Using things like newspapers, magazines, pens, paint it can be anything. 

Cutting and sticking down things that I felt were important and could fit in with my project parent plant cafe.

This is showing the growth we plan to create throughout the city. You can see the idea and different elements. I just used a sharpie and a newspaper for this.

I then was messing about and came up with these…

And then these…

I really liked these and got into making them. There pretty simple but weird and I like different things.

Then had to write 80 words about what we made : 

This idea may be abit strange but it symbolises parent plants attitude, fun and different. Using people and there minds to think/grow produce and plants. We plant the seed in you so you can become your own parent plant.


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