Experience “Cafe Parent Plant”

Cafe 2016-2017 project, Home, Uncategorized

I have been looking at my feature experience which is the whole cup to growth part. I have been looking into the desgin of the cup and how it can all be placed together. So you can drink it and then plant without the two getting mixed up and MESSSSY.

Heres is something i was working on. I was thinking about how cardboard rings can be placed around the cup not only for design to go on, but to protect you from the high heat and then also contain all the parts for the growth of the plant/ produce/instructions. But should I keep it seperate? I mean this idea will never be a real thing so i could attempt the weirdest packaging ever but i want it to work and be fairly simple.hmmm.

some pictures of were i took the ideas from my sketchbook just to start me thinking more in depth.



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