Info graphics update

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So yesterday i was researching and working on what info graphics i want and i decided on telling people abit about what we want.

These include:

  • Lower food miles
  • Grow Produce
  • Urban farming
  • Create green space
  • food and drink


so i started thining about the shape and display of the infor graphic when i saw a shape within my indenity which could help it all fit together abit like a puzzle.


I created the shape and created different kind of layouts with sketches and on illustrator.

I then took some of the original graphics i made and tried mkeing some more. i want them to be sharp and snappy so you could get an idea quickly on first look.



When makeing them i wanted the actual graphic fit in when i discovered the theme. The free flowing windyness of the logo and the idea of plants and how it can go through everything. So instead of straight lines to symbolise building i put a wave in it to symbolise this theme.


Wavey buildings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 14.35.05.png

wavey tractor fitting in with my theme and also colours.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 16.03.17.png

Urban farming info graphic. A mixture of a city scape and farm scene combined into one to describe both words.


This sybolises Green space.


This symbolises the growth and planting. Mainly ingredients that will come with the experience.


This still needs work but it creates information that “Parent Plant also sells food and drink” We are a cafe.

Finally i pieced what i have done so far together to get a general idea and this is my outcome. More time is needed and more infro graphics to explain my story which wil hopefully piece together in a certain order as these only tell one piece at a time.





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