Tuesday 7th Lesson

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On this day we started the day by writing our cafe’s name and a breif description about it. We all then placed them all on the wall were they were up for people to say what they wanna say about it. What you can improve, what they like, how are you gunna do this how are you gunna do that? We then discussed them and moved onto the next part.

I then had a task too find some campaign messages that made me either smile or laugh, what i enjoyed. I found them hard to find as most quotes were accompanied by an image so you could understand it.


I used what I had found and then created my own “Campaign Message”

An idea for my short slogan was “The Power to produce” Which suggest that we combined with you produce food we can live and produce plants…

My campaign message was:

” We believe that we can grow our own produce in the city. In our homes. On our streets and on our buildings. Ir reduces the food miles lowering the carbon footprint, which means less pollution/smog in the city and a brighter future.

I then had to take this add find some typeface and font that I liked and put it in that way. Im not sure I like these that much apart from the top right which is quite fun and not too serious. I want to be serious but want people to not be overwhelmed and enjoy.

I then went over my 20 touch points which i finished off and added to which i will have to update on one of my previous blog posts.

I then went onto to think about the three parts i will design:

1)One should be related to your feature experience:

For this I believe the experience will be the cup and the planting of the plant/food as it will have some sort of packaging design.

2)One should incorporate your info graphic work in some way:

For this I was going to create on for how to plant the plant but I will create it for the whole process. So entering the shop to planting but why this process is there. Buy coffee, drink, poir mixture in, grow ect

What the cafe does: We give you the resources to enjoy a treat which you can then use to grow your own produce in your homes.

3)Something 2D, 3D, Digital printed material:

For this I will create a series of poster perhaps so I can use some illustration in my work. Im not 100% sure what these will be based around but this will be the last part I will create.



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