Info Graphics

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Today I was working on an info graphic to explain to people how to grow there plant in there cup. The idea is when someone buys a drink they get a pack which contains the seed soil, gravel and nutrients so they can grow and start there own urban farm.

The info graphic I have been working on uses simple graphics to show what is needed. It contains The cup, the plant, the sun, the water, the soil/seed pack, and of course Love.

I think i will work on the idea and there should be a link were they can gain extra information such as applying egg shells too the plants soil can also provide food to help the plant grow ect.

Here are so screen shots of the work in progress.



I think there are too many colours involved in this so i will be trying it with a my colour pallet. The shapes should be easy for the person reading to understand what it is even if the colours are different. I chose the grey to symbolise the urban environment the plant will be grown in.



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