Info Graphics

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Today we had a lesson on info graphics at the start of the lesson we spoke about what is an info graphic. An info graphic is:…

  • 1
  • 2…

Next we spoke in pairs and i spoke to Adam about each others idea and gave each other ideas and anything we thought didn’t work, and what did work.

After this we went to the internet to look for more specific info graphics that can relate to our cause and idea. These are a few I found that can be useful. I mainly used pinterest and google images to source these.


Key Headlines In Bold larger type mainly positioned at the top.


Layouts sectioned off with faint colours and shapes (opacity),

Type and numbers. If theres an order to do something it will be numbered 1-10

Scene is set by a Shadows behind typeface.

Information long pieces of type are placed within its own are so it is easily read with different background colouring.

Colour uses range of shades of greens to show give the info graphic a natural feel.



to be continued later


Looking at different typefaces and fonts which I can incorporate into my info graphics.




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