Touch Points(so far) “Parent Plant”

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Parent Plant: 20 touch points (16 so far)


The café shall be highly hygienic as it will contain plants/ect growing where people will be eating.

The range of in house staff:

 -Baristas: To create outstanding service and great drinks.

-Chefs: Our chefs are able to come up and new experimental methods on how to cook the food so the customers can taste what were about.

-Educators: These will be highly skilled in farming and gardening so you are able to ask questions, gain advice and knowledge.


A high quality of staff will be easy to identify so you are able to get the service you require quickly. No name badges will be required, as on their fist meeting they will greet as “Hello welcome to parent plant my name is jonathan h­­ow may I help you”. This is because we need to get people interested and involved straight away.


The packaging will mainly be for takeaway services and will present the quality and passion for good service and produce and to represent what were all about which is creating green space, sustainable space and a green future.


Counter will be separate from the growing produce as this will be the busiest area and damage will be more often compared to if they were somewhere else. The counter will serve drinks and also food.

Information on what we do:

This café will need something to explain exactly our aim as it isn’t clear what our mission is. They will need to be able to look at something such a an info graphic so they can get the picture straight away!


Simple show of methods of growing plants are your own different types of produce, Just by looking and being able to interact can create a spark in your imagination to get growing. Examples on best way to plant and feed. Know the best way and place to plant a plant.

Quick service/Happy service:

We love you coming in and will give a smile with service every time. We also want don’t want you to have to wait around so creating a quick service for produce and knowledge in the café is of importance. We need to get you in and out so you can carry on growing.

Passing the Plant:

This idea (still need a name for it) is where when people pay for food they are offered a complimentary gift when paying a certain amount! They are able to pick “plant or produce” This is to influence them to place there plant somewhere they would like it to grow in the city. “Produce” is to influence them to start growing to influence them to grow even bigger!

“Idea” They buy a drink which comes in a takeaway thick cup. This drink also coms with a seed and some soil which come in a bag. Once they finish the drink they are able to poor the contents into the cup. They can then follow the easy instructions to grow there plant.


Do plants grow better with music? Music will be played to create a calm friendly atmosphere for the workers for motivation and customers as it also creates privacy and increases the mood.

In store kits? :

Providing customers with the resources/kits so they are easily able to set up there own at home. It saves them diving in the deep end and the instructions provided can potentially guide them to be able to eventually create something bigger and better.

Growth of the plants:

Plants could be growing around the shop but so nobody is able to touch them as this could stop them to grow or damaged easily. By this they are able to see them wherever they look and the more they come in they are able to see the progression of the product.



I believe colour will not be an issue, as we will have things growing in store, which will give a range of natural colour. The main focus is about the growth and sustainability of plants and produce. The more natural feeling the shop the better. The café will be alive.


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