Research Furnishings and Colour swatch

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Creating boards with ideas on what kind of furnishing will be inside my cafe and how it will link to the experience. I have looked at a range of different images through pinterest. I want an overall theme and have decided on some colours i can use and work around them this is what I had come up with.


From this I then looked at ideas for the furnishings. my main prority is to make it a place that doesnt look overgrown with plants as this could make it look cheap and rundown. It needs to be crisp clear and to show how we can live in harmoney plants and buildings.

The white and black stand out well and with the furniture i kind of wanted it abit minimal as i want people to sit down but so nothing looks out of space. It also feels abit more scientific and can come across as a project that is attractive because its not all over the place.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 15.41.27.png

I really like the idea of black metal frames for the furniture and work space such as the counter ect. It really creates an urban man made feeling. when these are combined together it projects the vision.

The lights are very simple how they hang and can create a lot of light. I also enjoy how they hang so freely which is very natural. They also dont take all the lime light off the room. They can also fill the space above the heads and get a modern feeling from then.


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