Logo Identity Design

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I believe I have a final design for “Parent Plant’s” logo. Its is a combination of cafe that is inovled in growth of plants and food within the city. This is my outcome.



This design resemble the two “p”s in parent plant but i asked a few friends and they thought it was hard to distinguish the ps due to the join at the top so i took it out and this was my result…

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 16.43.13.png

I think this works really well. It has the secret look of a tea/coffe mug but in the shape of the two “p”s.

The shape resembles to the way the plants grow which are green next to black as the black resembles the urban side. this shows how they grow together as building and plant.

The black also helps give the identity boldness and to stand out.

I believe this idea after trial and error really shows what my cafe is about and has a story to it. I am still not sure out of the two i prefer.


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