Todays Ideas Cafe Identity

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So today came up with some more ideas for my identity and thinking what my cafe does.

This idea I focused on the 2 “P”s again

I looked at my idea with a cafe mug and the plant pot and tried to combine them together.


I looked at the lines and realised that the steam from a coffe rises.

Plants grow in this kind of shape not exactly vertical apart from some also. I like the Idea of the two PP as the the face as its strong and double barreled.

The plant pot and mug both hold something for example a plant or a coffee but this holds both.

The black lines symbolise the steam and also the urban side which is the building which rise into the sky. The green goes with to represent the plants. this shows the two combined together. Growing with each other.

I tried different ways but still not sure what im into but these are some that are “Growing on me”


This one is bordered by the shapE of the pot with the two pp’s inside. I like this as its simple but i also like how it plays with my eyes a swell. A touch of colour(green) help bring out the letters. It needs a lot of reworking and i still have more ideas to try out.

I have created one with a handle to look like a mug but i feel the sharp edges are too much on the handle but it could symbolise the buildings ect


I like the shape this one creates of something actually growing to symbolise this. But im not sure if it has the same meaning because the letters been reflected and could symoblise a q giving it a new name “QP”.


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