Mission Statement for Cafe: “Parent Plant”

Cafe 2016-2017 project, Home, Uncategorized

I have chosen the name “Parent Plant” as the brand name. I chose this as my idea is based around creating greener and sustainable space. The parent plant is know for reproducing seeds which then are taken by birds and the wind or in this case people to plant around London and educate them with knowledge they can also take and spread like its own cycle.

Mission Statement:

At parent Plant we are here to plant the seed of green and sustainability so it can be spread around the city were food can be grown on your doorstep. Food miles can be reduced and CO2 emissions reduced and also to create a healthy future. We look to you our people who are our birds in which you will fly from the parent plant and use what we have planted in your knowledge to create your own sustainable or green space werever it may be. Not only this you will be able to spread the knowledge and word for a constant cycle for a brighter future. We will give you the power to prouduce.


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