Idea and Task 4 Charity

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I have been Looking for similar charities to my idea when i came across a charity by the name of “Grow Up” Which is all to do with urban farming. This charity fits in with my idea as I want to be able to inspire people to make a greener London through my cafe. My idea is based around when people come to the cafe they will experience more than brick and smog. They will have green and friendly atmosphere which will educate them on plants and what they do and even be able to try the produce or see what you can grow. It will also inspire them by giving them a small gift when purchasing something to take with them to keep or place around London to start the vision which is a bit like the great fire of London but instead of fire it will be plants.

The Great Grow of London. (A way of explaining it)

One fact: Plants contain carbon which they use to store carbon dioxide which they then produce Oxygen from it. This then creates a sustainable future for us and our planet…and London.

Fact 2: If each building grew  on a floor of its building or the roof it would be able to feed the people who live in it which would reduce food miles and our carbon footprint.


The charity Grow Up uses urban space and grows produce within it. they have really cool ideas and one that stood out to me was the pop up greenhouse which was a shipping container with a green house on top. they also used inside space which feeds people in the area which is sold via certain distributers

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.59.56 AM.png

Images taken from “grow Up Website”.


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