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Katherine Tudball came in today and spoke to us about her career and pieces of work she has worked on and the work of people she works with.

  • Alcoholic ice cream for Mr cooper (Cocktail Ice cream)
  • Cystic Fibrosis which was really interesting how a play on words can turn into such a big idea… She also used her own handwriting and created a typeface to accompany the Cystic Fibros(is) because apparently it was gender neutral.

Not onlt this she has worked with lots of charities.

  • She joined “The partners”
  • worked with the tusk conservation charity which is too do with the african people and everything else.
  • Argos for there very simple range of cheap products coming up with advertisement and making it seem better than it it. for example: FAN(turn on, cool down, turn off) + PILLOW(Sheep, sheep, sheep, sleep) + DOORBELL(Ding,dong)
  • She has achieved a lot more and very talented.

Overall really good hothouse for once i was highly interested in what she had to say and had done. she also advised we dont have to know everything yet its better to stay fresh and i will be focusing on my university work from now on. Her work inspired me.


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