Trip to the the Vulgar exhibition and a look at the London museum.

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Today I went to Barbican to take part in task two which is to visit the vulgar exhibition. It was ten pound to enter for students and then we had to hand out bags in.

You were not aloud to take any pictures so we I had to sketch some things I saw. It was very dark and lots of fabric for walls to separate so I kept feeling like it was a reflection but there was just stuff behind the wall.

the first thing I saw was pieces of fashion which looked like the human body. This idea of creating an outfit that resembles what’s underneath. It used a bold lines to represent and define the muscles. It made me wonder who would wear this then realised we’re I was. I’m the vulgar museum. I took some drawing and then created three reflections on them to finish the task.

i had a good look round and then left to go to the London museum in which on the way I tried looking at the signage in the Barbican and small cafes inside the exhibition and museum. I came across a punk exhibition which I though was kind of good to link in with the proevious exhibition as it was any outragoues and different to what most people should normally wear. I took some pictures and by that time it was after lunch in which I left. Here are some pictures of today and I will uploads some sketches another time…



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