Packaging and Setting up exhibition

Home, Project 1 On Your Marks

Today I arrived early to print out some extra thins quickly as I needed the printer to print off the designs for the packaging/pot which stores the product. It was very simple as I was disappointed as I forgot my covering film for the stickers but it still worked well. The top part was hard to apply on the lid as the ink kept rubbing off because the film wasn’t able to protect it so next time I will apply the protection. This is how it looked:

I planned out the 7 places of each persons work and started setting mine up in one of the spaces. We all set it up so our work is in the same order of 3 a3 sheets with development and final outcomes then on the table I left both my sketchbooks out on open pages for an insight into them. Then infrint of that was my packaging, promotional work, 3D work I had created for a display. The only thing was the white sheets to come in but they had not arrived as I was in early so I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s on a white table instead of the grey one. Here is some pictures of how I laid it out.


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