Review of my Pecha Kucha Tuesday 6 December 2016

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On Tuesday at 10am was my pecha kucha in which i would display work and examples of my work to emily and sara in a space of around 5 minutes, each slide would be on a timer for 20 seconds long.

My blog posts consisted of blog posts, research development, experiments, outcomes and anything else like trips ect. I then had written a 20 second long piece of information for each slide so I could explain myslef as clearly as possible and to get as much information into it as possible.

I did quite enjoy speaking about what ive been doing and found it alot easier than normal, i think the practice is working but theres allways room for improvement. I also believe the early start helped as i really wanted to get it out the way as im quite a n early person. Overall I think i did fairly well apart from sara said i need to have a good reason why i didn’t like on of my ideas but that can easily be sorted.


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