Packaging and poster ideas

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I have been working more on my packaging and have a graphic version of this. I decided to also put a night sirum packaging and how how the packaging could adapt onto other products he makes. screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-20-32-07

I then started working on poster ideas and how it will describe the products. i tried a few ideas out but then decided to work on a series in a similar style that best describes whats being sold and what ive been told.


This poster idea comes from the idea that the product is so natural you can drink it.


This poster suggest how natural the product is also. The plant is the coffee plant were the recycled coffee grounds began there journey.


This one is aimed at the senses and how thomas works on makeing is scrubs smell the way they do. I created a nose in the similar style as the rest to describe smells as thats the function of the nose. I really want to think of some more i could make to create a longer series.



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