“Hale” logo design

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I was looking at a way to design my logo and I started going abit too over the top and make things to complicated. So i went back to basics. I got some paper out and started drawing the name of the brand in marker pen. I wanted to keep it simple and emily suggested using the word “Hale” as the name. I thought this aswell. It can then stand for Hale which means “strong and healthy but also the word hail means worship so its a play on both.

I like the idea of kind of script style for this brand as he wanted it clean and that what i found i got from that style. I tried lots of different ideas and finally came across one i really liked and hiopefully it will do the same. It is bold and i feel like its got some sort of power about it. I also enjoy the direction and how easily read and the way it flows from left to right.


I then placed it into illustrator and live traced my piece of work. I then moved onto adjusting the type using the anchor points getting rid of things as sharp edegs and curves were they were not needed.

“Hale”   … “Hale the bods” This is what i feel will be my final design.





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