Planning and more ideas

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Today We were able to talk to Ricardo out any problems and he gave helpful advice. I then planned out how my presentation would be made up using guidelines sent to us. I planned out what would be on the pages and what i would then have to say, i think it will be added to and changed as i go.
Here are some of the ideas I’ve been thinking up and getting down on paper:

I also have been coming up with pages and pages of ideas of design for “hale the bods” In the brief he ask for and A and a B if wanted to see what works better. I have gone along the creative root as my values involve this style. Also he has chosen pieces of work that he really inspires him and wants his brands to possibly have. one of these was “beavertown brewery” which is very colourful and illustrative.


I will also be creating my logo design without illustrative techniques as i have lots of ideas for them also. I believe if i do this i can see what suites the product best and i also the personality is important as the brand will be sold in shops like cafes and selfridges style so creativeness is important.



The idea behind this is the symbol of worship combined with a body with is split male and female combined suggesting its a unisex brand. The body is also covered with the cosmetics product upon the worship.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-20-20-07screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-20-20-48

This is my idea for a pages spread/website, I believe it could contain a lot more information and products but simplicity could work and helps the type speak for itself, as its very soft and welcoming.

I created my own window for a stock photo i took from google of coca beans and placed it inside my frame to show how perhaps products could be shown



I do not think this works as it can seem a bit blocky and the brand is selling cosmetics which is a liquid substance. I like the direction though this give and the outline of the letters as they overlap.


After today I also had a lesson on CV’S the do’s ad the donts and it was really interesting. Sara showed us a collection she has created on her pinterest and the ideas are great! Im really feeling more confident as i wasn’t sure what was too much and what wasn’t. I have the basic outline of type for my cv and now i just have to put it together but in a way that represents me and to get me my placement.


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