Visit to JKR (Jones Knowles Ritchie)

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This week we went to Camden to visit JKR’studio! We met up and went in and greeted very nicely. Then walked down a set of wooden stairs into this massive ope space. The place was huge and a really cool place.

We were sat down and introduced about who they are why they do which is mainly packaging but they are expanding now. He showed us a portfolio of there work which involved big brands such as:

  • Budweiser
  • PG tips
  • Dominoes
  • Heniz
  • WKD

But not only do they do big brands they also small and startup brands such as hippeas which is now gone from being small to being sold around the world just because they came up with the idea.

After a cool presentation and listening to what he had to say we were take on a tour around the building. Saw the separate work spaces were different teams work. So many people but such a cool space and atmosphere! It was inspiring.

we then had finished our tour and left and went around Camden takeing pictures of the market of there signs logos for some inspiration and ideas. There lots of different signs and logos here is a collection of the ones I had seen.


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