Design and visualization (workshop) Case study for lesson.

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In This write up I have found and deconstructed and came up with a response of a case study of my choice. I Have looked at the case study for a brand called “Dig  Deluve” which is a online magazine for gardening. I believe the case study they have presented is very visible and easy upon the eye. It gives a sense of calmness and easily viewed.



  • They only use a small area of type and let the screen shots do the talking. The typ is very small so it doesnt overpower what you are viewing on the case study.
  • They have created a sans serif typeface as I think they were trying to go for that soft harmless feel which is why they have gone for the very thin lines on the typeface. I think it works well and really comes across friendly.
  • The typeface they created really stood out and i got the link between the name and the type as you dig with a shovel yet the typeface is in the shape and style of a shovel head! It really works well as it has no fill just and outline which i believe its so you can see the photography through the type without it disturbing the visuals.


  • The only image is photography based. I can understand this and if this is what they came up with then i think its very good as i think it works well due to the fact that image can be man made but the idea of only using photography suggest everything they are capturing is natural. If you created your own image then it would technically be man made. So the idea of the “not man made idea” really fits in with the gardening theme of the online magazine.


  • The layout they have gone for is very square and centred. A bit like a window perhaps. Looking out over your flowers and trees ect. But they have displayed this on the case study as if you were looking at in on a tablet both portrait view and landscape so you can see how it interacts with both ways.
  • They have also made the tablet very dark with no texture or features to really focus in on the project but so you can just make the tablet and technical sides out.
  • They have layed it the pages out like a magazine but each page in a 2 across and 2 under keep going down sequence.


  • The only visible texture they use is within the photographs using a range of stone to place samples upon. the idea of stone and stems/flowers together is in a way a big difference like black and white as stone is strong and plants and flowers are very weak when pressed. This could go onto showing harmony but also natural feeling of stone as you would not want to see your flowers damaged on a kitchen floor if you get my drift.



  • Very minimal colour. Once again they have used very plain colours on the website but they also have done it on there case study so it really focus’s in on the colour which is the photography.


  • They do not use as such photography in the case study but they use screen shots from the actual magazine online with photography in them. The images are quite big so there for you are able to focus in on the photography or zoom if needed. I do not think they use too much as they have provided the link very clearly for the website so you can see it in full gardening force.



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