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Today I woke up and got on with some stuff! This stuff I got on with was looking for internships . I had a long look and eventually I had a break. I decided to move onto trying to play with some type. I wanted to also learn abit in illustrator so that’s what I did. I was basically just playing around with effects and transforming type into different shapes and angles. I then moved onto more into the angle work and decided to create some type following the lines. I had also seen a way which plays with the way you look at with the type following the angles lines so I tried it.

I created colour lines and black type so they would stand out against each other so you are able to tell the difference. I then kept Adding extra anchor points onto the letter and adjusting it to fit.




My choice of word was wonky as that’s what it is. Says it itself. Really enjoyed trying this out and keen to keep learning new ways of creating type. I think I was inspired after Sara’s lesson.


Just playing with the letter “o” making it my own and overlapping colour and trying to neaten up with the straight edge. I really like the 3D effect it gives it and vibrant colour. Looking for inspiration online now to try out new things and learn more effects and ways of using illustrator.


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