Task 2 : The Internship search

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So i have been searching for internships after my CCS lesson today and I’m finding it quite hard. There are a lot of internships out there but its finding them which I’m having the problem with, like were do i look? I have signed up for websites and made a profile but they lack in actual internships that are part time and also what I’m looking for. I feel like a lack the knowledge of business’s in the london area and i feel someone should make a website in which you can just look up a category of business at a snap of a finger…there probably is.  Im not 100percent what i really want also. I have been looking through a lot of jobs which involve design, illustration, media, social media, fashion and more.

These are what I’m looking for when I’m looking for my internship.

I prefer a lively work environment. I would like to be able to work with someone so I am able to learn.

I like being pushed out of my comfort zone which I feel with an internship will do as I can really get a taste of what its like in the real world and put the skills I have learned to the test.

Where creative ideas are always needed. I like to be able to use my brain to face new challenges.

I am quite into the traditional style of tattoos as my style represents the illustrations I do in my spare time.

I quite enjoy photography as well as illustration especially editing them.


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