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Today I was second to present my work and my idea to the class. I firstly Started off explaining my idea to the class on how Hale the bods is a play on hail the gods. Hail is changed to hale which means strong and healthy which when combined with the whole phrase means strong and healthy body. It all suggest we should worship our bodies and that it is important.

I then moved onto explaining my values and my mission statement. I got some good feedback and key words from my statement but I need to shorten it down as it is currently very long and contains bits that just dont need to be there!

I need to mainly focus on my applications which i will be applying my works to. One of these will definitely be packaging but I really want to put the effort into it to create more. I mainly need to focus on getting my brand.

Overall I gained some really good feedback with what is good and what needs improving and even whats not good. But I mainly enjoyed telling my Idea to my class as I have not really explained it to anyone yet.


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