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After Sara’s lesson on friday on typography, we had to  design a poster using a slogan or part of our mission statement. My choice of type was “We show people how to worship there body”. I really liked this quote as it links in with the name i have chosen “Hail the Bods” and the actual worship is a strong powerful word that has powerful meaning.

I drew up a range of ideas in my sketchbook looking at different ways i could lay it out. I finally came to an idea which kind of works like a grid with the letters in twos. They read left to right but with a bit of decoding as i think people will look at it a bit longer. I used a typeface that was A block serif as it gave it a bit more strength behind it just because its thicker and bigger.


I then took my idea from Indesign  and placed it into photoshop. I did this because i wanted to lay it out and trying to stick to keeping them in line and to create a structure. Hopefully i did all right. I then started trying to put pictures of bodies behind each letter but i felt it would be a good idea to get a range of all shapes and sizes because the brand is ment to appeal to everyone sex and size. This brand is for everyone. I chose to move it into photshop as you can select the letters shape and then cut it out of the pattern i placed upon it to copy the text exactly. Here are some tryouts I tried using patterns from sources from google.

Below are a range of different patterns ive tried for the type. I was just testing things out see how they looked and i feel id like to make a pattern suitable for this brand which could be used all round.



This Poster Pattern is a range of exploding fruits which i chose to show a creative side as its full of colour and direction in the pattern. It is also darker as the type is able to show stronger compared to the others as its the dark type on a plain white backing. I really like this one but i feel theres abit too much going on in that pattern and can be hard to read easily becuae you have to make out the letters.


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