Mission Statement try number one

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Mission Statement for cosmetics Brand:

We are a strong and healthy cosmetics with a burst of creative personality to create a great first impression to finish.We show people how to worship there body and prioritise hygiene and that it is important to know what you are applying to your skin. By doing this we will help others feel and smell better so you can become good within your body. Your body will want to be proud and share “Hale the Bods” with anyone. Not only because of how well it works but because of its design and creation inspires you to become a better person and all round in life. To reach full nourishment, potential and to “Hale your Bod”.




2 thoughts on “Mission Statement try number one

  1. Great start. To improve further, borrow one of your colleagues and read it out loud, or better still, turn the page over and try and just say out loud what you remember. Ask them to note down as you say it. You may find it comes out in a more natural and conversational way.

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