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Today we were introduced to the next part of the project as we need to start knuckling down and this is to do with design applications: the brands identity. We need to choose three focus points we will be designing which can be

  • Packaging
  • Point of sale signage
  • Environmental
  • Social media page
  • Webpage
  • Promotional printed materials such  as postcards etc

We will then go in to create templates to actually scale so we are to scale with out designs unless they are for a shop window or something then it will be to a scale like 1-20 etc.

I have ideas but my main focus was to focus on my mission statement. Emily helped and I understood clearly what she wanted and re created the vision and mission as This would help me to re create my values as my values were not strong enough to create a brand and very different. I needed something more specific.
These are a few ideas no for my final values to work with after re considering them

  • Creative
  • Experience
  • Personality
  • Individual
  • Inspires
  • Inform [what your applying to your skin
  • Unisex

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