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Rob Olley

Introducing…Introducing an up and coming third year undergraduate at London metropolitan University. Rocking at 6ft 4 in skate shoes his subject of study is graphic design. He is easygoing and quietly competitive, he is no other than Rob Olley.

“Lets get to know you a bit then Rob. Have you got any specific interests?” Loads, I suppose “specifically” within or around extreme sports, I skateboarded for 11 years finally giving up after my 7th broken bone. I have skied since I was 6 managing to enjoy a ski season just before starting uni! Then I have more recently moved onto motocross enjoying a dozen track days each summer. I guess I just cant collect stamps or play football. Make me do anything fast paced, dangerous or adrenaline fueled and I’m sure I’ll love it!

What first sparked your interest in design and how did you get into it?” I blame my creative flare on skateboarding a lot of the time. I used to love collecting stickers for my board as a kid and always studied the logos, I always thought they were cool and constantly wondered how they were made as being eight out of ten times my drawing wasn’t the best. Deck graphics also played a big part as well, looking around skate shops was like an art gallery for me, still is! Also in school I always found it hard to be academically minded so throughout science or math’s I would be doodling all over my work or thinking about skateboarding. I guess I always wanted to become some sort of ‘designer’.

“So Rob What would you class yourself as and why?” “I’d like to say I’m a graphic designer/artist but someone would have to categorize that for me judging by my work. I’ve always loved intricate detailed design as well as cartoon ‘vector’ illustrations that I have picked up a lot on with adobe illustrator. I really like being able to create simple vector lines but mixed with realistic shading and small details. “


“How would you describe your style? Can you reflect on it for me?” To be honest, I still haven’t worked out a set style for myself. I really enjoy messing about and making cartoon characters on the computer from sketches. But then I also love editing photos, branding, packaging design and sign writing, it’s quite a mixed bunch! But If I had to narrow it down, I would say my style is more in the ‘less is more’ category of simple graphic design styles. It’s really hard to pull off, but when I manage to, I love the feeling when a piece of my work visually communicates through a simple and easy to understand graphic piece.

“What is your main aim for the final year of your undergraduate course?” I would love to get a first, that’s my main aim. But realistically I just want to enjoy the final year and keep my sponge hat on, absorbing all the useful information we can get to learn, because I have already gained useful insights and handy tricks that I have already put into practice when I’m designing signwriting, wrap designs or graphics for my customers.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 15.11.35.png

If you want to see more of robs work and keep a track on him you can check him out by clicking and following the links below.

Facebook –

Instagram –

WordPress –







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