My visit to the V&A

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Today(Thursday) I took my morning to get up and visit the V&A which is just iff South Kensington tube station. The reason I went there as I have been working on my first project “on your marks” looking at a body scrub and I have had a range of ideas. One idea was looking at the body in which the body scrub is applied to. Thomas wanted his body scrub to not look cheap and so the brand could last a long time. I have been looking at body sculptures online. It today I decided I’d go to the V&A where they have loads.

This is one of the main areas in which the sculptures are on display. It ranges from gods showing how powerful or just powerful people in general. I was more there to analyse the human physique and forms.

Not only looking at there bodies I found a range of plaques and borders which I loved due to the patterns and detail on them which I may use to create my brands logo.

Here are some of the sculptures I really enjoyed.


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